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Why choose Hangsen E Liquid in NZ?

Quality Hangsen E Liquid & E Juice NZ comes in a 10ml bottles. 50%PG/50%VG

Hangsen is one of the worlds best known brands of E Liquid to buy online in NZ and is the largest producer of e-liquid in the world.
Their products have been used and tested by millions of vapers around the world and have been proven to be one of the best E-Liquids available.
Hangsen are dedicated to make the finest E-Liquid products in the market.  Many different flavours available and they are very consistant, meaning that the flavour is consistant from batch-to-batch.

All our Hangsen is made order so you know that you are getting the very best you can buy, and at just $7.00 for 10ml you are also getting great value for money too!

Child-proof caps are fitted as standard.

We now have OVER 49 flavours and are always adding new Hangsen e-liquid flavours to our collection!
This is genuine Hangsen straight from the Hangsen factory for softvapes.co.nz

Only the finest & safest ingredients are used in making Hangsen E-Liquid. It does not contain DEG or DEHP and their products are SGS approved.

Hangsen's E-Liquid Mix

The 2 main ingredients in Hangsen E-Liquid are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) the only other ingredients are Nicotine (except our Zero range) and food grade flavourings.

All of our E-Liquids are a PG 50 / VG 50 mix. We believe everything needs to be in a balance this ratio of 50% PG and 50% VG gives the best combination of a good throat hit whilst still producing a nice amount of vapour.

The E-Liquid Bottle & Label

All Hangsen E-Liquid bottles show the flavour clearly labled along with the nicotine strength in milligrams (mg)
The cap colour on each bottle can also be used as a visual reference to strengths.

For our range of E-Liquids the following cap colours are used.
• White Cap = 0mg (Zero Range)
• Green Cap = 6mg
• Blue Cap = 12mg
• Orange Cap = 18mg
• Yellow Cap = 24mg
Below is how the standard 10ml bottles look


All our 10ml bottles come complete with easy fill needle tips

You will notice that some E-Liquids differ in colour, this is due to the different flavourings used in each E-Liquid, some flavours appear almost clear whilst some will be very dark coloured.

Choosing Your Flavour

Hangsen offer a very wide and varied range of flavours, if you have a favourite brand of Cigarettes or rolling Tobacco then chances are Hangsen have an E-Liquid that is very similiar in taste.


All our electronic cigarettes require a liquid solution to be used. This is often called "e-liquid". Hangsen E-liquid only uses Top-graded ingredients such as 99% pure nicotine, French flavoring and American Propylene Glycol.

Hangsen are the only manufacturer truly using natural ingredients  in our E-liquid, so the product bears the tasting sensation of cigarette smoking, yet without the harmful elements in regular cigarettes.

Hangsen remains beacon of safety, quality and innovation.


Hangsen Diversity E-liquid is delicately packaged by five kinds of flavors: tobacco, mint, fruit, drinks and others. Hangsen Diversity E-liquid has been well recognized by our global business clients and 10 million consumers in over 35 countries.
Tobacco Mint Fruit Drinks Others

Hangsen see diverse needs for E-liquid flavors across America, Europe and Asia.

Quality Control System

Hangsen never compromise on quality. Hangsen’s high quality ingredients include 98% pure nicotine and USP graded PG/VG to guarantee the quality and safety of their products.

They deploy ISO9001 and GMP certified quality control system, and test every batch of product in full before delivery to ensure the quality and safety to reach the highest standard.

We pay attention to every detail. Our quality controllers are deployed in every process throughout the factory, checking every position of the production line to minimize human error and thus ensure the perfect completion of the whole procedure from extraction to the finished products.

Arctic Attraction  @ Zero Mg

Arctic Attraction @ Zero Mg

Arctic Attraction is a unique experience of freshness and intensity. A single swallow of this vapour..

NZ$12.65NZ$8.22 Ex Tax: NZ$7.15

NZ$12.65NZ$8.22 Ex Tax: NZ$7.15

Cinnamon soul  @ Zero Mg

Cinnamon soul @ Zero Mg

Cinnamon at its best. We have reformulated our CINNAMON SOUL to release a cinnamon liquid that can b..

NZ$12.65NZ$8.22 Ex Tax: NZ$7.15

NZ$12.65NZ$8.22 Ex Tax: NZ$7.15

Coffee Club  @ Zero Mg

Coffee Club @ Zero Mg

There are coffees... and COFFEE CLUB OF DROPS E-LIQUID. It’s unmistakable aroma will make you enjoy ..

NZ$12.65NZ$8.22 Ex Tax: NZ$7.15

NZ$12.65NZ$8.22 Ex Tax: NZ$7.15

Druid's Blessing  @ ZeroMg

Druid's Blessing @ ZeroMg

Bringing together the ancestral traditions of the Druids in harmony with Mother Nature, Drops presen..

NZ$12.65NZ$8.22 Ex Tax: NZ$7.15

NZ$12.65NZ$8.22 Ex Tax: NZ$7.15

Fausto's Deal @ ZeroMg

Fausto's Deal @ ZeroMg

Because occasionally the pure pleasure of vaping requires a touch of elegance and distinction, Drops..

NZ$12.65NZ$8.22 Ex Tax: NZ$7.15

NZ$12.65NZ$8.22 Ex Tax: NZ$7.15

Old Cavendish  @ ZeroMg

Old Cavendish @ ZeroMg

Old Cavendish begins with a selection of the best Virginia and Burley tobaccos that have been cured ..

NZ$12.65NZ$8.22 Ex Tax: NZ$7.15

NZ$12.65NZ$8.22 Ex Tax: NZ$7.15

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