EGO CE4+ 1.6ml clearomizer for Electronic cigarette

EGO CE4+ 1.6ml clearomizer for Electronic cigarette

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CE 4+ Clearomisers - A superb Ego fitting clearomiser featuring replaceable coils

This CE4+  is great addition to the CE range providing the user with a pure and clean vape. It has the Ego screw thread which fits the Amego / EGO / Kyngo series of products.

The CE4+ clearomiser features an interchangeable coil which can be easily replaced extending the life of a each clearomiser, making your device cheaper to run.

This clearomiser has a clear plastic shell allowing you to always see how much e-liquid you've got in the tank and also boasts a screw-in mouthpiece which seals around the atomiser stopping any leakages.


These instructions are essential to all users of CE4 Clearomisers/CE5 Starter Kit users.

PLEASE NOTE : When we ship the CE4/5 Starter Kit, the coils and shells may be loose. These need to be tightened before filling with liquid. Finger tight only is required. Failure to carry out this task may result in no contact and therefore no vape, or leakage spoiling your enjoyment of the product.

To Disassemble (in order to tighten or replace the coil):

Hold the smooth metal collar between the finger and thumb of one hand and the knurled, roughened collar in the same way in the other hand; then unscrew away from each other to open the unit.

  • NEVER unscrew by only holding the plastic shell.

To remove/change the coil head:

Grip top part of the internal column and unscrew. Replace with new replacement coil and tighten into place.

To pre-tighten the coil head:

Grip the top section of the internal column and tighten. Finger tight is sufficient.


Hold the collars in the same way as to disassemble.

If you hold and apply pressure holding the plastic shell this will break the seal between the plastic shell and smooth collar and cause it to leak.

This shell need only be finger tight. Over tightening will dislodge or squeeze the washers causing leakage. The washers will be damaged.

  • Again do not hold only the plastic shell.

Battery Change:

When removing from the battery hold the knurled collar only, NEVER the plastic shell.


Hold the CE4/5 at a 45 degree angle, slowly and gently fill with eliquid. Too fast and the liquid will enter the central pillar causing it to pool inside. This will leak into the battery cavity or be sucked up during use and liquid will get into your mouth or onto your lips. This is unpleasant.

Daily Care:

It is in your best interests to keep your electronic cigarette well maintained, carrying out a daily maintenance procedure that takes under 2 minutes of your time.

With tissue, tightly twist a corner and push it into the mouthpiece, this will absorb moisture from unvaped product.

Also using tissue twist another corner and push into the battery cavity, wriggling it around to clean any residue. Wipe the battery threads.

Now make another corner twist with your tissue and wriggle this in the bottom of your clearomiser or cartridge and around the inner threads.

Reassemble, fill with liquid, replace mouthpiece and wipe down the entire unit and mop up any runs or spills.

Wash hands thoroughly.

Storage and Transportation:

Carry and store your electronic cigarette in a carry case in an upright position.

If your unit is accidentally knocked or dropped the unit can be broken or begin to leak.

Look after it and it will serve you well. Like a normal cigarette, if you carried or kept it on its own in your pocket or bag it would be broken and unusable.

The CE5 will be damaged if it is dropped or mishandled by being transported unprotected in a bag or pocket.

  • Accidental sideways pressure will cause the seal between the smooth collar and the plastic shell casing to be breached, causing leakage.


  • Failure to tighten the coil prior to filling will result in liquid leaking into the battery cavity and then to the exterior of the unit.
  • Additionally you will need to ensure that the shell is tightened securely by holding the roughened/knurled collar and the smooth collar above and tightening.
  • Finally, always hold the roughened/knurled collar and not the smooth collar when changing battery

*Failure to follow this procedure voids your warranty*

Atomiser, Cartomiser, Cartridge & Clearomiser Care.

These products are sold as disposable products and therefore fall outside of our normal 30 day warranty.

Please ensure that you check your cartomiser/clearomiser/cartridge as soon as you receive it.

Any issues or faults must be notified to us within 48 hours of receipt.

***We use the Mail Track & Trace system as the day/time of receipt***

It is important also to care daily for your atomisation device. Ensure that you clean the contacts and threads of these each day to maintain a great vaping experience.

An atomiser/clearomiser/cartomiser/cartridge's natural lifespan is approximately 14-60 days.

If an atomisation device is not new then it could fail - Although made to the highest quality and are functional devices, these products will fail and degrade over a period of time dependent on usage. They are sold as a disposable products and will eventually fail at some point.

  • Why not add a bottle syringe tip to your order for easy one step refilling?

We at softvapes love our products and all our clearomisers, and recommend them all.

We ask our customers to comment and give us their opinions each time they order from us. This, we hope helps our new visitors make informed choices before placing an order with confidence...see below for what they have to say....

Package contains:

1x 1.6ml CE4+ Clearomizer (2.6- 2.8 Ohms)

Warranty Information

All of SoftVapes products are covered with a 15 Day Guarantee. 'SoftVapes' recommends Purchasers should be aware that Electronic Cigarette Atomizers and Batteries, although made to the highest standards, are functional devices that may fail and deteriorate over a period of time more so if in daily use.
(An Atomizers lifespan is approx 14-80 days, and Batteries approx lifespan is 1-4 months).

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