Carbon Fibre Finish Ecig H2 Kit

Carbon Fibre Finish Ecig H2 Kit

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H2 clearomiser is the way to go for Ecigarette beginners due to its bottom coil heating which gives out a warm vapor just like a real Cigarette.

save money by changing only the coil inside the clearomiser.


This special eGo Clearomizer Blister Pack Starter Kit is a great way to give electronic cigarettes a try for a modest price.

Makes the perfect gift for someone that you want to introduce to electronic cigarettes!

Comes with all the hardware needed to get started.  Just add E-Liquid and you are ready to vape

Big Vapor Ego  Carbon Finish H2 Electronic Cigarette Kit 650mah.

Certification:CE,ROHS ,FCC,FDA

No tar, No leaking No ignition and no fire hazards.

The EGO-H2 builds on the achievements of the EGO. Its huge battery enables over 500 puffs a day. The H2 is the powerful e-cigarette to use a clearomizer to hold a large capacity of 1.6ml e-liquid and the volume of existing eliquid can be easily monitored. This revolutionary new H2 e-cigarette would last you all day long without often refilling e-liquid.
Specifications for ego H2 electronic cigarette .

Random design will be packed, or please specify at checkout so we can closely match.

Model :: EGO H2 Carbon finish

Battery Capacity ::650mah

Normal working voltage ::3.7v-4.2v

Charging Voltage :: 4.6v

Charging time :: 2.5-3hours

Puffs of full battery capacity ::500 Puffs

Resistance Value of heating coil :: 2.0ohm

Battery Life ::300 times charging

 1.Clearomizer tank system,easy to refill and clean
 2.Newest unique atomizer/clearomizer
 3.Manufactured from thick durable tank style plastic
 4.100% no burning smell,no leakage
 5.510 Screw thread,compatible with 510,eGo,eGo-T,eGo-W,eGO-C battery
 6.Durable supply of liquid, no broken, more Quick & stable liquid supply

Packing The  ego  starter kit includes:

1. Atomizer H2: 1pcs (Round or Flat Drip Tips Available)

2. Battery: 1pcs (Manual Battery)

3. USB Charger: 1pc

Why to choose Atomizer H2 Clearomizer?

*The hottest and latest H2 clearomizers
* Hold max 1.6ml ejuice
 * Clean taste and great vapor
 * Easy to refill ejuice
 * Ejuice level visible
 * No break or leakage
 * Fit most batteries with 510/eGo threading like riva/ego-t/ego-c/ego-w

How to refill ejuice?

* Unscrew the driptip from the H2 clearomizer
* Fill 1.4ml-1.6ml of ejuice from the side
 * Do NOT pour the ejuice into the tube in the middle. The tube is for airflow.
 * Screw the drop tip back in.
 * Please wait 1-2 minutes for the ejuice to feed into the coil before you start to vape.
Applications of ego H2 :

   A. Who Smoking a lot of cigarettes
   B. Who working in the space where is smoking bans.
   C. Who willing to stop smoking.
 <b>2. Location
   A. Railway station, Theatre, Hospital, Library or the nonsmoking place.
   B. Petrol stations, Gas stations, Forest or the non-fire place.

Competitive Advantage of ego H2:

1.No tar and other carcinogenic substance.
 2.Harmless to others and environment.
 3.No danger of second-hand smoking.
 4.Smoking in a public place.
 5.Enable smokers to abstain from smoking non-painfully.
 6.Give up smoking in four steps.
 7.Save the smoking cost 80% each year.
 8.No ignition and no fire hazards.


*Failure to follow this procedure voids your warranty*
All Products are checked by the quality team for cracks and coil atomization throughly before posted.


All of SoftVapes products are covered with a 15 Day Guarantee. 'SoftVapes' recommends Purchasers should be aware that Electronic Cigarette Atomizers and Batteries, although made to the highest standards, are functional devices that may fail and deteriorate over a period of time more so if in daily use.
Must keep contact point between battery and atomizer always dry.
(An Atomizers lifespan is approx 14-80 days, and Batteries approx lifespan is 1-4 months).

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