iStick XMB model 50W New Zealand

iStick XMB model 50W New Zealand

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Output voltage: 2v - 10v
Output wattage: 5w - 50w
Battery Capacity: 4400mAh
There's some awesome other bits of functionality that we think you'll be really excited about:

Temperature alarm that will shut the device off if its temperature reaches an unsafe range (over 158°F). This helps ensure safety of both you and your device.
Spring connector and stainless steel thread. The spring connection means that you'll be able to use a wider array of tanks with this device because of the increased flexibility.
All of the features you already loved about the iStickXMB. This includes an awesome OLED display, arrow button lock function, and an overall awesome look and feel!
 Includes the battery, USB cord, and 510/eGo adapter.

Standard configuration :
1× iStick 50W    1× eGo Threading Connector    1× USB Cable
1× Manual    1× 1A Wall Adaptor    

Size: 23.0mm * 45.0 mm * 83.0mm
Color: black
Capacity: 4400mAh
Thread Type: 510 Thread  
Rated output voltage: 2.0V-10.0V 
Rated output wattage: 5W-50W 
Rated resistance range: 0.2Ω-5Ω

1.Expanded Working Range and Larger Battery Capcacity: iStick XMB 50W has a greater progress in working range (voltage: 2V-10V; Wattage: 5W-50W) and battery capacity(4400mAh). Please start from the low voltage and work upwards to ensure the coil does not burnout.

2.Temperature Alarm function: If the temperature of device is over 70℃, the output will shut off automatically and the screen will reflect "Temp Protection" for 5 seconds. 

3.Spring Connector and Stainless Steel Thread: The spring connection base ensures its high adaptability. The connecting thread is made of stainless steel which makes it more hard-wearing. 

4.Side Charging Port: The USB charging port is on the side of battery which will bring you more convenience.

5.Inherit Advantages of iStick Series: OLED display, adjustable voltage/wattage and arrow button lock function. 

How to charge? 
iStickXMB 50W can be charged through USB port near the top of battery. It will take 5 hours to charge the battery via 1A wall adaptor. 

*Failure to follow this procedure voids your warranty*
All Products are checked by the quality team for cracks and coil atomization throughly before posted.
All of SoftVapes products are covered with a 15 Day Guarantee. 'SoftVapes' recommends Purchasers should be aware that Electronic Cigarette Atomizers and Batteries, although made to the highest standards, are functional devices that may fail and deteriorate over a period of time more so if in daily use.
Must keep contact point between battery and atomizer always dry.
(An Atomizers lifespan is approx 14-80 days, and Batteries approx lifespan is 1-4 months).

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