Newbie's Battery care

When you get your electronic cigarette starter kit, please fully charge the batteries as noted in the manual guide. This is NOT your typical time charge !

As you puff on the e-cigarette, please avoid holding down the manual button on the battery for longer the 5 seconds, although I doubt anyone can inhale for that long. Make sure that wherever you are keeping your e-cig, nothing is going to press down on the little button.

The primary difference between the Protected and Unprotected batteries is that the:

PROTECTED batteries have a small circuit board, typically on the bottom of the battery, that stops the charging or discharge of the battery in certain circumstances. Some of the circumstances in which the circuit include: Over-Charge, Over-Discharge, Short-Circuit, and in some cases, overheating. These batteries require special chargers that are specifically designed to charge lithium rechargeable batteries.

UNPROTECTED lithium batteries. They produce 4.2 volts of power when fully charged, then quickly fall to 3.6 volts output. They output 3.6 volts until they are mostly discharged, at which point the voltage falls rapidly. If they are discharged below 3 volts, they will be ruined and no longer usable. The user must be very careful not to let this occur. These batteries should only be charged in a charger specifically designed for them, as those chargers have a circuit that stops charging the battery when they reach 4.2 volts.

With that being said, it is important that you use PROTECTED batteries when possible and if you are using UNPROTECTED make sure your charger is designed to handle the batteries, ALWAYS I repeat ALWAYS verify that your charger is designed to charge the batteries you own before you start charging them. Charging the wrong battery in the wrong charger could cause a fire or melt wiring and damage your property or possibly cause a battery to explode.

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