Newbie's Clearomizer Care

A Newbie's Guide to Atomizer Care 

Of all the topics that can and should be discussed openly regarding the care and handling of your electronic cigarettes, one of the most confusing and daunting aspects would be the cleaning and maintenance of your atomizer. After all, next to having a properly charged battery, a fully functioning and properly cared-for atomizer can make or break your e-smoking experience. You’ve taken great care to choose just the right e-cig, now it’s time to make sure that you spend a little time every day, ensuring that you get the most out of your choice.

Just like the outrageous and boldly fictitious claims of many of the e-cig manufacturers, there are just as many farces concerning the proper way to clean and handle the atomizers, and while I can only speak from my experiences on the subject, hopefully this advice will serve to make your time with your current hardware as long and fruitful as possible.

First of all, a commonly overlooked aspect of cleaning your e-cig setup is making sure your battery/atomizer adapter sites remain clean, dry and clear of fluid or buildup. These are electrical connections, people. They require just as much care as any other electrical link-up in order to perform at their peak. 

When cleaning the connection points, take a lint free cloth or smooth tissue and gently clean in and around the threads that connect your battery and your atomizer. Make sure that any cloth you use is clean and does not have a tendency to snag or tear apart. The last thing you need is random threads and paper towel particles clinging to the connection area. This not only can cause electrical current disruptions, but can also be very hazardous if any of those particles were to drift or be wiped inside the atomizer connection, into the heating coil housing. After making sure the outer connections are clean, take a fresh tissue or untarnished area of your lint free cloth and gently dab and wipe the area around the atomizer’s vent hole. Make sure not to leave any liquid or material on the connection.

Another valuable lesson in atomizer care is overnight storage and regular purging of your atomizer housing and coil chamber. While this might sound complicated, it’s something that everyone can and should do. Simply put, throughout the day, liquid is constantly draining into your coil chamber. Even if you are very careful to not overfill or flood your atomizer, some fluid will make it in there. Fluid left inside the atomizer continually can cause problems with stale-tasting vaping, as well as a buildup of un-atomized particles on and around the coil, something that can definitely cause a clog and degradation of components if left unattended.

One theory for clearing out your atomizer is to disassemble your e-cigarette, and place your atomizer, battery connection side UP (or at a slight angle) and allow the unvaporized juice to drain onto a piece of tissue paper or absorbent cloth. When left overnight, you will be able to see that liquid has collected on the tissue. 

Another, more proactive way to expedite this process is to take your atomizer, place it over your cloth, battery connection side up again, and gently blow into the hole where the atomizer and battery couple. As you breathe into the hole, you will hear a light gurgling sound as the any additional liquid is being cleared from the heating coil. As you’re doing this, pay close attention to your breathing, as you don’t want to inadvertently force saliva into the coil housing. After every two or three breaths, LIGHTLY tap the atomizer onto the cloth or tissue. If any fluid remained in the atomizer from the day’s use, you will see it slowly begin to collect on the tissue. Repeat this until you’re no longer hearing a gurgling sound when breathing into the connector. After you’ve completed this, place the atomizer (standing up) on a clean piece of tissue, as additional liquid will continue to drain down the atomizer wall. 

Some advocate pushing a piece of cloth or the corner of your tissue slightly into the atomizer in order to soak up any remaining liquid. I find this to be problematic, especially with individuals that are new to e-cigarettes, in that while doing this, you might be inadvertently leaving fuzz or tissue particles inside your atomizer housing. It’s probably best that you do what you can without actually placing any foreign object INSIDE the atomizer. You can effectively clean your atomizer without it, and you’ll avoid any complications.

Always do what you can to steer clear of invasive means of taking care of electronic equipment. In the event of an unforeseen hardware failure early on, you will be able to report that you’ve cared for your components in a way that does not, in most cases, void the part’s warranty. This is really important when all you want is a replacement part, not a game of inquisition from your e-cig supplier or vendor.

While my methods are BY FAR not the only way to go about taking care of your electronic cigarette, they are the very cautious and thoughtful. By following many of these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to effectively care for your new equipment, while ensuring fewer mishaps that could prematurely and irrevocably separate you from your new, favorite hobby.

All Care and Maintaince shown here are only a guide and are not responsible for the content or methods used in the video. Do it at your own Risk.



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